Monday, April 7, 2008

things that keep getting better

1. old things
2. my squirrel infestation (finally!)
3. my boyfriend and how wonderful he is
4. passion
5. securities and insecurities
6. robots
7. slasher flicks
8. ciao bella's gelato flavors!
9. love (i'm talking about the philia kind, i haven't figured out eros yet)
10. plants
11. my new love with the boy who knows the latin names of trees
12. the photographs of Alec Soth
13. this list
14. rachel
15. my "pigeon pose" in yoga
16. the look of the stars from country roads
17. vacations and not being at work, the longer you are gone
18. brussel sprouts
19. riding bikes
20 my domestic skills
21. my twenties
22. my salt and pepper shaker collection (and my container collection)
23. the springtime weather
24. my camera
25. writing a song
26. my sewing and knitting skills
27. library dvd collections
28. maggie (seriously)
29. anticipating trips and other things as they get closer and closer
30. cuddling
31. my cat's ability to know when she needs to blow her nose
32. mom and dad
33. my understanding of natural physics
34. project runway
35. long distance friendships
36. portland
37. my cousins' baby, Marissa
38. my winter blues
39. the growing scent of orange blossoms each morning when i go outside to my car
40. music (especially rediscovering old music)
41. my students
42. growing up43. wine, whiskey and cheese44. my laugh lines
45. summertime
46. soy products47. making out
48. the combination of granola bars (plain) and chocolate (dark) or granola bars (cashew) and yogurt (maple)
49. my relationship with my kids
50. sleeping
51. my wardrobe
52. dad's temper
53. hugs (unless they break ribs)
54. my view of the world via photography
55. the environment - NOT!
56. these new jeans
57. flirting
58. the wire (at least so far)
59. my apartment
60. my relationship! (i still get giddy)
61. the feel of sunshine
62. leah
63. learning skills
64. the vegetable selection at the co-op
65. my little sister
66. our communication skills
67. adventures
68. my ever-expanding extended family
69. cracked walls and vintage wallpaper
70. my cooking abilities
71. motivation
72. real handwriting, physical penmanship
73. my ability to hide my dislike of new foods that i'm trying (really, it's not so obvious that i'm disgusted now!)
74. friendships
75. vodka
76. camaraderie during snowstorms
77. fun dates
78. marriage
79. his whittling skills
80. my life
81. my taste in music
82. the chiropractor visits (fewer and farther between)
83. free time
84. these projects
85. the concise-ness of my daily calendar
86. vegan cupcakes
87. wheat thins

list by: allie, becky, chad, emily, jamie, jennie, jess, maggie, megan, mom, sammie, and susan
photo by jennie