Wednesday, September 10, 2008

embarassing moments

1. waving to the wrong person from across the street
2. not being allowed to shave my legs in the 6th grade and getting made fun of
3. falling and twisting ankles in front of people
4. mispronouncing a word
5. my sister snorting chocolate milk out her nose in front of a boy she liked
6. getting stuck on a water slide at aquaboggan
7. dropping a jar of carmex in the lunchroom in 9th grade and it rolled under a table of upperclassmen, i was mortified and pretended i didn’t see it
8. anytime i blush (which is often)
9. spelling “carson city” “c-a-r-s-o-n s-i-t-y” in the 5th-6th grade states & capitals spelling bee when everyone knew i was the best speller (i’m just really bad at spelling out loud!)
10. when my uncle and aunt came to visit and i had a box of condoms hanging on the wall in the kitchen called “low-riders” (complete with ‘70s girl + bikini)
11. not knowing how to rollerskate and therefore “skating” by myself in the kids’ rink at happy wheels during a childhood friend’s birthday party and then not being able to stop and running into the carpeted wall and getting rug burn on my face right before birthday cake
12. spilling a glass of wine over my new boyfriend’s parent’s picnic table the second night i met them (at least i missed the laptop)
13. laughing so hard that i fart
14. forgetting to bring a spare camera battery to my uncle’s wedding, which i was shooting, and making the whole wedding party wait ten minutes while my dad retrieved it
15. vomiting on a boyfriend after he broke my camera by picking me up and knocking us both over coming out of a cab after a party
16. my period bleeding through my jeans in the 8th or 9th grade and nancy hong, who i wasn’t even friends with, having to tell me, which was actually really really nice of her
17. not being able to fix the slide projector on the 17. first day of class last semester in front of 22 students
18.using a houseplant or two as toilets when roommates have spent too long in the shower
19. throwing up during sex, that was pretty bad
20. calling my ex by the name of my previous ex
21. throwing up right in front of the 7th grade lockers after getting off the bus, though to be honest this wasn’t really that embarrassing because i felt too sick to be embarrassed
22. my stepdad recently walking into the room where i was watching tv with my mom and wearing only see through underwear (it was hot out)

list by: allie, becky, jennie, michela and maggie
photo by stef!