Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tricks you've played (or dream of playing)

1. convinced mother i was jewish
2. had someone smell some food and then shove their face in it (often) 
3. put fake ants on my mom's pillow for april fool's day
4. tricked sister into eating hand
5. faux roach inside a shoe
6. stacked all of a friend's belongings on her desk after she went to bed
7. threw a surprise party (does that even count?)
8. convinced brother I voted for McCain 
9. rearranged furniture while someone was in the bathroom
10. bucket of confetti atop a cracked open door
11. made most of world believe harry connick, jr. is my cousin
12. sleeping person + hand in warm water = pee!
13. put staplers placed in jello
14. faux ice cubes with "flies" in them
15. put clothes hangers under the fitted sheet on a friend's bed
16. filled top of toothpaste tube with peanut butter
17. a couple bart simpson-esque prank phone calls (when i was younger)
18. switched my roommates drawers so you couldnt find her clothes before her early morning classes
19. hysterical fake pregnancy
20. hid in the closet and jumped out to scare my mom (constantly)
21. convinced my sister that i threw weighted pillows at the gym for exercise
22. used my compromised toothbrush to scrub toilet and then let my roommate's boyfriend (who was wiping snot on the walls and exhibiting other odd behavior that disgusted me) use it for several days. 
22. that thing that peppermint patty did to charlie brown over and over again with the football, only with food instead of a football and a baby instead of charlie brown
23. say things like "i have bad news..." to preface banal things
24. rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer
25. fortune cookies with oddly accurate messages inserted
26. told my sister that her dolls were coming alive as an april fool's joke. she believed me, but only because she was 5
27. snappy joke gum pack
28. hid outside in the snow and surprised my brother with a snowball right in the gut (it might have even been the face)
29. put a hairball in a water bottle
30. short-sheeted bed
31. stealing mattress and hiding it
32. regularly pretended to be someone else on the phone when i call home (usually someone with a really bad british accent)
33. joy buzzer
34. moved friend's car to across parking lot when they leave keys in it (dumbass!) 
35. when my brother answers the phone at home, i love to pretend that he's my mom because he gets so mad
36. blue food coloring in milk carton
37. tricked people into eating something gross by saying it was delicious (it will never get old)
38. paged a woman I don't like to come over to my desk for a made up reason after I've let a really stinky fart go

list by: amanda, becky, deirdre, evan, jan, jennie, jess, karrie, katherine, maggie, megan and rebecca
photo by stefanie frances