Saturday, December 29, 2007

what you want for christmas

1. a bucket of diamonds
2. warm socks
3. electric guitar
tickets to see “stars on ice”
4. chandelier
5. great quality olive oil
6. this summer house
7. the peace of mind to know that although none of these things will be under the tree for me, i will be happy for the time, thought and effort that was put into the gifts i actually received
8. perfume
9. pajamas
10. new windows
11. a jade plant in a pot
12. a high quality underwater camera
13. a transmission for my car.
14. “what i learned from television” this american life commerative screenprint poster
15. tickets to somewhere warm
16. a ring
17. books
18. gift certificate to borders
19. movies
20. snowshoes
21. park planter (omg!)
22. someone to pay my student loans off (or just down)
23. ipod touch
24. interchangable work table
25. tj maxx gift card so that i can feel less guilty about shopping this year
26. typography doormat
27. the ability to sleep
28. aveda products
29. bocce set
30. lipstick
31. a trip to india for six weeks
32. a new baby in my life (but not my belly)
33. amazon gift cards
34. aretha franklin boxed set
35. nickelodeon gift certificates
36. frank gehry for tiffany’s torque bangle
37. a trip across all non-english speaking countries
38. converse high-tops
39. tiddly winks
40. the coat of my dreams: brown wool with a hood and beautiful collar
41. car repair and an oil change
42. a journal
43. turtleneck sweaters
44. the new american girl doll, although i doubt this will happen, considering i am 21 years of age.
45. massages
46. a baggage-free new year
47. everything on my LLBean wishlist
48. mixed salted nuts
49. headbands
50. manicures and pedicures
51. warm socks
52. my mom not to stress out
53. books
54. plasma tv
55. winter boots
56. cross country skis
57. new running shoes
58. a house on the cape for two weeks in the summer, and private jet to pick up all my friends and have them come hang out
59. free people cozy slim wrap (available at
60. long underwear
61. red sox season tickets
62. really nice, soft, cozy, warm bedding
63. an alarm clock
64. gift certificates to whole foods and trader joe’s
65. gift certificate to target
66. amelie on dvd
67. anything that comes in a little blue box
68. a hug... or a few hugs
69. plane tickets to travel to far away places
70. the devil wears prada on dvd
71. to feel fabulous about myself
72. a twelve layer cake
73. starbucks coffee
74. a new acting gig
75. pots & pans
76. a west coast vacation seeing llama and billy, and then down to valley village to visit becky
77. ribbon candy
78. someone to vacuum my carpet for me!
79. digicam
80. an old flame to reappear in my life (a metaphorical old flame, not a literal one. this ain’t passover)
81. movie theater passes

list by: allie, amanda, darcy, gillian, katie, maggie, maura, rebecca, and susan
photo by maggie

Monday, December 17, 2007

gifts you'd give if money was no problem

1. a bakery, a house on the seashore, and lifelong health insurance (for my mother)
2. madame x (for my pop)
3. an aquarium (for jeff)
4. tons of plane tickets to portland (for everyone i know that does not live in portland)
5. record players (for people who dont have them)
6. 12 months of orchids delivered! (for my 85-year old grandmother who just retired from her full-time job as head cafeteria lady at madison high school madison, maine, where she worked for almost 50 years!!)
7. back surgery and a 1970 pontiac lemans convertible (for my father)a plane ticket home (for laura and courtney)
8. all of the onesies at ferdinand (for parker)
9. u2 memorabilia (for jeff)
10. a private jet (for ezra lizard so that she can always visit the transcontinental family she’s built)
11. building permits (for my contractor friends)
12. tiny tumbleweed houses (for my friends who would like to join me on my utopian community somewhere in an old apple orchard/near the ocean/in the mountains)
13. everything from the nova naturals catalog (for my sister as she gets ready for babies)
14. alaskan klee klei (for jeff)
15. tooth candy holder (for anguela)
16. rhythm (for joe)
17. a house (for us)
18. pay off student loans (all of my friends)
19. die electric wares (for the excessive in all of us)
20. the complete catalogs of important jazz musicians (for my brother)
21. tons of plane tickets (for me and everyone)
22. a house in malibu (for my parents)
22. a grill because all men should have a grill and i think he feels a little left out (for my honey)
23. gun vase (for kellyface)
24. a new couch that is better than the old couch (for chris)
25. new golf clubs (for dad)
26. plane tickets to exciting places (for my family)
27. a boat (for jeff and keith)
28. nice diamond jewelry (for mom)
29. maple syrup farm (for nicole)
30. my mom’s house and land and form a trust that makes enough money that they never have to worry about taxes or how to keep the house (for my mom and john)
31. a new job (for me, becky and kelly)
32. a really expensive nice pair of shoes (for mom)
33. season tickets to the hollywood bowl (for other-becky)
34. bass cab (for keith)
35. the latke who wouldn’t stop screaming by lemony snicket (for all the jewish people i know)
36. a nintendo hand held game thing because he is worried that he will go senile and they have a game that is supposed to build your memory (for my dad)
37. designer clothes (for my sister)
38. a dagguerotype collection (for erin)
39. a giant closet to put her things in, with maybe a few pairs of new shoes to go in it (for mandy)
40. heat (for the cold everywhere)
41. beatles memorabilia (for my sister)
42. the camera of his choice and a frame shop (for jon)
43. victoria “ghost” side chair (for jay who has impeccable taste)
44. an adorable doggie bed (for lola)
45. little diamond earrings because she’s a little jealous of mine (for my sister)
46. move llama and billy back east (for them and me)
47. coe and waito owl lamps (for my mom)
48. visa gift cards! (for everyone)
49. a trip to india to study yoga (for my sister)
50. money to charity and to buy clothes, etc (for shelters)
51. tiffany “legacy” drop diamond earrings (for my mother, to whom i would give the world if i could)
52. real estate (for me)
53. infinite ski lift tickets (for my family... those who ski, anyway)
54. seventy pounds of “sports gear” (for abby)
55. house add ons (for my parents)
56. a recording studio (for charlie)
57. an awesome lawn sport! (for my friends with lawns)
58. airplane (for max vgh)
59. a trip to camp cobbossee (for my grandpa)
60. avocado tree (for eric)
61. a new car (for my sister)
62. a house (for sara)
63. a trip across all non-english speaking countries (for me and keith)
64. the most amazing menorah ever (for all my jewish and fake jewish friends)
65. upgraded technology including ipods and such (for all my friends)
66. squirrel bank (for stef obviously)
67. something beautifully tacky made out of gold with a lot of conflict free gems on it just to make him both love (the look) and hate (the social aspect) it at the same time (for my brother who is a shameless materialist)
68. a puppy with a years worth of doggie day care (for maggie)
69. a personal buddha’s delight (for kathryn)
70. sno-cone makers (for everyone)
71. arctic expedition toy (for eamon and me)
72. good art for her beautiful condo (for darcy)
73. this summer house (for us)
74. a csa share (for kirsten and rick)
75. a whole bunch of wolferman’s english muffins (for my impossible brother-in-law who doesn’t consume carbs, and yet won’t be able to resist these incredible muffins)
76. the ability to sleep (for everyone with carey genes)
77. food (for the hungry everywhere)
78. an antique a black forest bear coatrack (for my stepdad)
79. land and homes (for everyone)
80. some decision making skills and romance without idealism (for who know who)
81. a room just for guitars with plenty of storage (for my dad)
82. hog island camp scholarship (for my brother’s family)
83. the leather couch of his dreams, with a matching chaise, recliner and coffee table (for josh)
84. alarm clock (for keith who is not a morning person)
85. enough for good food and clean water (for everyone in the world for the whole year)
86. something to be proud of (for my youngest brother)
87. prints of my friend dan’s photographs (for my dad)
88. a 6-week long trip to italy, staying in a villa in tuscany, visiting many other places, lots of great food and wine and olive oil etc (for my sister and her hubby and my sweetie and i)
89. a baby (for merry)
90. education (for everyone)
91. a trip to prince edward island (for erin)
92. educational financing (for offspring)
93. redecorate family/ living room, the one we never go in (for my parents)
100. this bag (for jess)
101. jellybeans for breakfast (for merry, hannah and their mom)
102. bikes (for everyone)
103. j. crew cashmere “schoolgirl” cardigan (for maggie)
104. good-paying jobs (for everyone)
105. magic stress relieving pills (for my other brother)
106. a new computer and a puppy (for me and heather)
107. a trip to europe because he’s never been there (for my brother)
108. world peace
109. a total kitchen makeover complete with awesome appliances and equipment, partly for her and partly because i know that i would eat really well (for my mom)
110. water (for the thirsty everywhere)
111. a condo in st. mathews (for mom)
112. gift certificates for infinite yarn, pet food and trips to hawaii (for ashley)
113. health care (for everyone)
114. millions of the crazy mice (for pants)
115. some really expensive out of print record (for ryan)
116. titantic bank (for my darling brother)
117. a house near cherokee park (for dad)
118. a life-sized man made of chocolate (for my roommate)
119. the most amazing bathtub ever (for my parents)
120. a hair and wardrobe makeover (for mom)
121. year round card stock (for maura)
122. my nephew a college education (for my nephew)
123. pay off all the bills and mortgages and stuff (for my parents)a loft in new york (for katie)
124. nose cups (for jacob)
125. scott conley guitars (one for me, one for my brother, one for jon)
126. tea mug that looks like a button (for my mom who loves both tea and crafts)
127. a digital slr (for each of the oatmeal girls)
128. a farm (for me and merry)
129. jeff gordon ultimate dream package (for my stepmom, my aunt, my cousin and me 'cause that would be SO MUCH FUN!)
130. student loan debt forgiveness to all my friends!!
131. red sox season tickets for four. (a little present for me and my girls!)
132. covering all expenses while she completes her degree, and getting her in (for my sister)
133. a bucket of diamonds (for me and all my friends)
134. a lifetime supply of veuve clicquot champagne (for all my friends)
135. a dinner with mike lowell and jacoby ellsbury (for maggie and maura)
136. house, money, a reliable car good health care... all the things to take care of her that will bring me peace of mind (for my mom)

list by: allie, alyson, amanda, ashley, other ashley, becky, deirdre, hannah, jamie, maggie, maura, pete, rebecca and susan
photo by maura

Thursday, December 6, 2007

favorite foods

1. denny's french toast slam
2. lobster
3. applesauce
4. kashi go lean crunch
5. chocolate all by itself
6. pad thai
7. squash
8. thanksgiving dinner all smashed up together
9. sweet potatoes
10. saffron panna cotta
11. tomato, basil and mozzarella salad (aka caprese)
12. plantains
13. walnuts
14. scrambled eggs and cheese
15. pizza from flatbread
16. black and white cookies
17. cheese
18. really good chocolate (like the kind stephen buys for merry)
19. lactaid cottage cheese
20. tiramisu
21. creme brulee
22. canoli
23. navel oranges
24. nachos
25. raspberries
26. sandwiches generally
27. scallops wrapped in bacon
28. carrots
29. saag (any and all)
30. cheese enchiladas with mole sauce
31. pomegranates
32. pizza
33. capers
34. cereal
35. beans and rice
36. bbq bacon cheeseburgers
37. spinach
38. chocolate mixed with nearly anything
39. palak paneer
40. chocolate chip cookies
41. fruit: cherimoya, lychee, mango, papaya, clementines, all berries, watermelon... everything!
42. vegetarian burritos
43. carraway seeds
44. uni
45. almost every sandwich from artemisia
46. croissants
47. escargot
48. warm cornbread slathered with lots of melty butter and honey
49. pumpkin pie
50. mangoes
51. twizzlers
52. black beans
53. french fries with mayonnaise!
54. baked brie in a puff pastry crust
55. baked manicotti/ziti
56. chocolate cake
57. raisins
58. marzipan
59. veggie bacon
60. montreal bagels
61. toasted bread and butter
62. sliced tomatoes and mozzarella and basil and olive oil
63. lasagna
64. atomic fireballs
65. tortilla chips
66. carrot cake with orange-cream cheese frosting... the really good homemade kind
67. jello
68. grapes (literally i just tacked that on to feel healthier)
69. macaroni and cheese with garlic salt and peas
70. lobster roll, grilled cheese, onion rings and a mocha frappe (ideal fat boy's meal)
71. un-chicken/turkey salad sandwiches (premade)
72. hot dogs
73. avocados
74. peanut butter
75. anything with hot pepper
76. quiche (of all kinds, most especially when my roommate makes it with a nice buttery crust)
77. gnocchi
78. coconut curries
79. sour cream
80. flatbread's sweet potato pizza
81. strawberry-rhubarb jam
82. summer/spring rolls
83. rhubarb crisp with vanilla sauce
84. broccoli with garlic sauce
85. guacamole
86. grilled cheese w/tomato slices and tomato soup (mmmmm good!)
87. bread and olive oil
88. eclairs (and basically anything cream-filled)
89. pasta of any sort
90. apple pie
91. spicy red curry with seafood
92. honey crisp apples
93. water chesnuts
94. beef gravy
95. coleslaw
96. malai kofta
97. wheat thins
98. tomatoes
99. marshmallows (if you think this is a waste of a favorite food, you should try them really isn't.)
100. dim sum
101. bread. any kind.
102. kielbasa
103. butternut squash soup
104. olives
105. roasted red peppers
106. holy heck. definitely braised short ribs with that parsley-lemon zest-horseradish remolata.
107. fried calamari
108. chex mix
109. pumpkin ravioli with butter-sage sauce
110. 158 bagels (salt with herbalizer)
111. rebecca's derby pie
112. egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin
113. eggplant
114. chickpeas
115. un-turkey club sandwiches
116. these plum dumplings that my grandma makes, they're called grechiknedles or something
117. eggs
118. vegetarian sushi (especially the eggplant or sweet potato roll from Sakura in Providence)
119. fried (pork) dumplings from seng thai
120. tofu

list by: allie, alyson, amanda, ashley, darcy, deirdre, hannah, jess, lauren, leah, maggie and susan
photo by maggie