Wednesday, August 6, 2008

things that i have broken

1. a perfectly good guitar
2. necklace chains
3. lots of lightbulbs
4. various tools in the bakery
5. two hearts (hello, cliché!)
6. my first camera
7. a tiffany’s lamp
8. a rusted U-Lock
9. promises to loved ones
10. cell phones (i drop them too)
11. my glasses, sort of on purpose so i could get contacts
12. an antique mirror of my mother’s
13. glass bottles, by climbing up tall ladders and throwing them into giant dumpsters at the recycling center (cherished childhood pleasure)
14. my cousin's window (when i threw him through it)
15. the speed limit
16. a church window
17. two drinking glasses with drawings of fruit smiling on them
18. my own heart
19. eggs! eggs! eggs!
20. at least 3 good 35mm SLRs
21. many, many needles
22. my second camera
23. my mom’s eskimo doll thing. (i was just a kid)
34. no world records (as far as i know)
35. diets
36. promises to god
37. many, many wine glasses
38. a really beautiful china sugar bowl shaped like a clump of fruits and vegetables 39. given to me by my mom (I did save the creamer pitcher though)
40. every pinky promise i've ever made
41. pairs (i always lose one earring)
42. several pairs of shoes
43. screen door- on many occasions
44. the bank
45. bottle of olive oil (eek!)
46. (some) bad habits
57. favorite 80's Mtv video countdown homemade compilation videos
58. a bat
59. computer (i tend to drop them)
60. friendships, some i regret and some i don’t
61. three toes
62. pencil lead
63. lamp in the living room
64. a few flowerpots
65. a thirteen year old relationship
66. a mask of myself that i made in 3rd grade
67. my walkman
68. promises to myself
69. one of my worst habits
70. various cameras and mechanical objects
71. my wheaton mug (thankfully i gave my mom an identical one that i took back)
72. my left fibula
73. my favorite bottle (
74. a necklace i made when i was 9
75. glass (usually champagne or some other fancy glass)
76. my leg
77. the bindings of books
78. a chunk off of my front right tooth with a corona bottle at a poker game (classy)
79. dreams/hopes/aspirations
80. my face on the pavement
81. my favorite michael jackson tape
82. the table/bed in the camper
83. plates and glasses that i really liked and have yet to replace
84. a lease or two
85. rhubarb stalks
86. a bone in the bottom of my foot
87. my marriage vow to d.b. stafford in kindergarten
88. a piece of that… (as in, break me off a piece of that)
89. the seams of many vintage dresses
90. a croquet set
91. a beautiful ceramic dish from a friend's boyfriend
92. a glass pipe
93. hummels
94. a window in the door of my last apartment
95. my first powerbook
96. that swinging branch in the forest that I thought could tell time
97. promises and hearts, baby, wherever i go
98. ties with a difficult friendship
99. plans with people, because i didn’t feel like going
100. my left pinky toe
101. my voice

list by: ashley, other ashley, becky, ben, jennie, lauren, maura, michela, and sara
photo by ashley