Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ways to deal with stress

  1. running
  2. hugs with people you love
  3. drinking
  4. nachos
  5. making a list with a few easy things on it to cross off
  6. crying
  7. napping
  8. ice cream
  9. talking it out
  10. binge eating
  11. a walk (alone or with a friend, depending on the type of stress)
  12. tea
  13. screaming
  14. cleaning the work area
  15. sleep
  16. long vacation
  17. good tv
  18. bad tv
  19. sex
  20. climbing
  21. complaining
  22. breathing exercises
  23. making a list
  24. wine
  25. hot shower
  26. rom coms
  27. cycling
  28. lavender
  29. solo dance party
  30. using a punching bag
  31. yoga
  32. lobster roll break
  33. swimming
  34. doing the hardest thing first
  35. making mobiles
  36. exercise
  37. arts and crafts

Saturday, April 28, 2012

things that are stressing us out

  1. mortgage(s)
  2. my pending background check (seriously)
  3. comprehensive exams
  4. not having time for fun
  5. taxes
  6. potential engagement?
  7. lip zit
  8. being messy
  9. my sister
  10. too much work
  11. social media
  12. feeling like the only team player
  13. losing weight
  14. colonization, racism, and patriarchy
  15. turning 29 and not owning a couch
  16. li post-mortem
  17. the grid
  18. work
  19. my boring job
  20. wanting a house
  21. my short temper
  22. feeling like a procrastinator
  23. bikini line
  24. acting insane
  25. allergies
  26. the work that is involved in the final two weeks of my master’s program
  27. not so good haircut, but it’s only hair
  28. my mom
  29. taxes
  30. picking lights
  31. pants that don’t fit
  32. housing
  33. laundry (because we don’t have a washer and dryer at home)
  34. spending one-third of my time alone
  35. J O B
  36. making myself do the paperwork for a colombian visa
  37. the past
  38. family
  39. money
  40. my parents getting old
  41. my trajectory
  42. seasonal fruits
  43. field work
  44. eating right (not doing so)
  45. my roommate
  46. lawyers
  47. sleep (lack thereof)
  48. the fact that my boyfriend hates his job
  49. networking
  50. finishing papers
  51. interpersonal conflicts at work
  52. my parents getting old before i have a baby, or a niece or nephew
  53. the future
  54. adoption agency people.
  55. hormones
  56. wanting to eat too much chocolate
  57. lack of exercise
  58. rough feet
  59. writing a book
  60. finals (what if i fail all my classes and don’t graduate?)
  61. marketing
  62. figuring out who will be on my comps committee
  63. deadlines
  64. being 30!
  65. finding an upstanding gentleman
  66. not having worked for a year, but having the latest style of dresses look really cute on me.
  67. my lack of (private, non-public) transportation options
  68. not enough work
  69. learning to knit and sew
  70. decisions

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15 minute assignments

1. send maggie a list
2. exquisite corpse drawing
3. design the ultimate chair.
4. watch someone try to count to 1,000
5. give yourself cornrows
6. write a love letter
7. paint your toenails
8. pick flowers and make a flower arrangement
9. make a to do list
10. make fresh juice
11. wash all of the dishes
12. write a song
13. watch a feature movie in fast-forward
14. run a mile
15. contribute to this list
16. trim your bangs
17. get ben on the phone and order a portrait
18. read tongue-twisters aloud (source text available upon request)
19. wrap dates in bacon and throw in 450 degree oven for 10 minutes
20. make your lunch for tomorrow
21. embroider initials or a cluster of flowers on a hanky, napkin, pillowcase, etc
22. do most of a crossword puzzle
23. take out everything in the refrigerator, wipe it down, and put everything back in
24. buy something you don’t need online
25. watch 1/10 of a harry potter movie
26. reorganize your entire living room
27. organize stereo or computer cables with zip ties
28. start reading a new book
29. talk on the phone with someone far away
30. read the lovely love notes at write your own and send them to everyone you love
31. run a couple miles (haha)
32. create a set of color coded labels in your gmail settings and start using them!
33. dig out and turn over my compost (volunteers very welcome!)
34. draw portrait of everyone in your immediate family
35. pay your bills
36. re-order your closet by color
37. eat a hamburger
38. meditate
39. decide if you like somebody
40. make a postcard
41. make cookie ice cream sandwiches and eat them all by yourself
42. pimp your internet browser with add-ons and user scripts (e.g. helvetireader, or icon-only permatabs)
43. make a stovetop dinner
44. fold that clean laundry
45. make your own peanut butter: process 1 cup peanuts (salted or unsalted, or even honey roasted!) with a little bit of vegetable oil and some honey. whiz it in the processor and eat on a ripe banana. or stir chocolate chips into it and eat with a spoon.
46. listen to the bizarre message a crazy woman left on my voicemail
47. run as far as you can from your front door in 7.5 minutes, turn around and go back
48. stitch a handmade book
49. cook a lobster
50. eat a pint of ice cream
51. make a cute pillowcase for your travel pillow
52. tie dye everything
53. make and drink a cup of tea.
54. walk downtown
55. clean out your car
56. walk a mile
57. draw a bird; on a tree; dwarfed by a dinosaur...
58. call your best friend
59. clean the outside of your counter top appliances, or trash can
60. enjoy successful sex
61. make a super-short film
62. do as many handstands as your body will allow
63. clean the studio before someone stops in
64. brush everyone’s hair - the cats, the dogs, your own
65. take a short walk to enjoy the sun
66. spray paint something gold (preferably a kitschy item from the thrift store)
67. write a letter to your grandparents
68. watch so many previews in the theater that you forget what movie you are waiting to see
69. re-pot your plants
70. walk a labyrinth
71. make a 15 minute portrait
72. take a bath
73. make some dessert

list by: ben, david, emily, jeff, jennie, jess, maggie, michela, mom and sara
photo by maggie

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1. sweat
2. sweet tarts
3. green converse all-stars
4. the roast beef sandwich and goldfish snack pack bram made me today
5. everything in the garden, especially snap peas on the vine
6. opening the door for a women
7. curls
8. cheeks
9. candy candy candy
10. fritter’s fur
11. my studio
12. seeing your baby in a 4d ultrasound sucking it’s thumb
13. baby teeth
14. sweet dreams!
15. awww... aren’t you sweet
16. the jingle of change in a pocket
17. father helping child scan items on the grocery self-checkout with no one in line behind them
18. sweet peas
19. muffin tops (the edible kind)
20. handfuls of cottony sheets
21. babies
22. summer breezes
23. flowers on your birthday
24. milkshakes
25. watermelon
26. parker jo
27. chewing on clover
28. rum and coke
29. frosting
30. watching people hug hello
31. my man
32. baby toes
33. sour patch kids
34. falling asleep with a breeze
35. my dog’s cuddles
36. ice cream
37. watching your 2 year old sleep soundly
38. maple syrup lemonade
40. feijoas (try them!)
41. puppies
42. how sweet it is to be loved by you!
43. sunsets and windy hair
44. soft kisses
45. vodka tonic
46. sweet caroline
47. leaving notes behind
48. dean’s chocolates
49. freckles
50. ice cream
51. little girl hugging me in the subway for no reason
52. maple syrup on ice cream
53. summer watermelon
54. tying a bow
55. kisses in the sun
56. strawberries that are just a day away from going by
57. vegan cupcakes take over the world by isa chandra moskowitz
58. nostalgia
59. chocolate
60. my nephews’ hugs
61. home
63. delicious wheat beer with oranges!
64. getting the list topic from maggie
65. flowers for no reason
66. gifts from friends
67. mudslides (the drink - the natural disaster is not sweet at all)
68. new boyfriend letting me read his entire journal
69. braiding hair
70. taking a couple minutes out of my day to clear my head and free-associate
71. sugar sugar!
72. when people call you sugar pie
73. walking and talking
74. maraschino cherries
75. things that are awesome
76. there’s always chocolate
77. i like you by sandol stoddard warburg
78. holga cameras

list by: ashley, becky, ben, emily, jan, jeff, jennie, karrie, maggie, megan, mom and sara

Monday, July 20, 2009


1. the color of my rhombus
2. fritter’s paws
3. plastic spiders on halloween
4. sheep
5. murky water
6. feeling desolate
7. and blue
8. my favorite jeans used to be
9. what i want to paint a red door that i see
10. my fingernails in high school
11. black is black, i want my baby back…
12. the threat of coal in a stocking
12. holes
13. depression
14. the clouds of june 2009
15. is beautiful
16. onyx
17. my eyebrows
18. my cake pans
19. feelings
20. my favorite clothing color
21. out
22. the spaces between things
23. licorice
24. color or non-color?
25. licorice, yuck
26. zoolander’s coal miner face
27. night sky
28. coal
29. the dried up shriveled remains of my ex-boyfriend’s heart
30. silhouettes
31. half of my wardrobe
32. oil
33. black eyes
34. this shirt i’m wearing right now - merino wool baselayer = awesome
35. chic
36. the majority of my clothes
37. the opium den in the bbc production of sherlock holmes
38. things that are sexy
39. night time
40. chimney sweeps
41. night
42. sleeping
43. black out
44. what amy winehouse is going back to
45. is beautiful
46. daffy duck
47. black is the new black
48. kanye west
49. the mold that makes me sneeze
50. truffles...mmmmm
51. black hole suns
52. poop when you eat too many blueberries
53. i see a red door and i want to paint it
54. some people’s hearts
55. clothing worn by a cat burgler
56. gothic
58. victorian mourning jewelry
59. ravens
60. charcol on my fingers after art class
61. darkroom
62. and tan
63. what i’m back in

list by: becky, emily, jamie, jennie, katie, leah, maggie, maura, megan, michela and mom

Monday, June 22, 2009


1. dogs
2. cute guys with cute glasses
3. the center of my compost heap
4. toasted marshmallows
5. forearms
6. beards
7. drag queens that work at the karaoke bar around the corner from my apartment
8. hell
9. sexy time
10. pink
11. fire
12. 5 o’clock shadows
13. chuck bass + blair waldorf
14. digging five years’ worth of sediment out of my gutters
15. eco-talk
16. i always burn the roof of my mouth with pizza
17. texas in the summer
18. attics
19. hot toddies
20. tea
21. vanilla latte
22. mexico in the summer
23. jalapenos
24. hot, hot, hot (the song)
25. panang curry
26. tiger
27. lava!
28. tom from tom’s shoes (the commercial makes me swoon)
29. august
30. the best way to feel just before your body hits the cool lake water
31. the stove
32. spicy food
33. sun
34. indian soup (mulligatawney)
35. sand on your bare feet in the summer
36. the first sunburn of the season
37. being comfortable in your own skin
38. a tin roof
39. st. louis
40. maggie drinking a bottle of wine by herself at the bar
41. korean bbq
42. running across gravel with barefeet in july/aug
43. boiling pasta water
44. pavement in summer
45. you
46. steering wheels in the dead of summer
47. the sun
48. being burnt
49. gold accessories
50. hot towels in japanese restaurants/planes
51. jalapeno peppers
52. sex
53. boyfriends who cook dinner and do dishes and laundry
54. summer
55. sizzling cinnamon jelly bellies
56. richard gere
57. jamie’s friends and bridesmaids dancin’ at da club
58. hot mama
59. like a hot tub (huh!)
60. stove
61. salsa
62. tofu tomato rice soup
63. bedhead
64. my man
65. a woodstove
66. johnny depp

list by: ashley, emily, gillian, hanna, jamie, jeff, maggie, maura and mom
photo by maggie

Monday, June 8, 2009


1. bloodshot eyes
2. what is the history of us calling the russians “reds”?
3. in the face
4. blood
5. the turban in my favorite vaneyck
6. anne of green gables’ hair (really)
7. pepperoni
8. hawaiian punch
9. old canvas boat shoes
10. coral
11. sass
12. passionate love
13. cowboy bandanas
14. fucking delicious summer tomatoes
15. gmail label for “work”
16. my beloved vintage bicycle
17. my cheeks when i blush or drink red wine
18. racy
19. my favorite tulips when i was a little kid
20. roses
21. fire trucks
22. dorothy’s shoes
23. spitting cherry pits out the car window while driving around in summertime
24. every file folder in the office
25. cheeks
26. cinnamon toothpaste
27. thunderwear
28. most valentine’s day cards
29. secret crush bandanna
30. a baboon’s bottom
31. balloons
32. kitchen rug
33. “red light special” by tlc
34. flag
35. cocktail cherries
36. matching open-toe heels and toenail polish
37. the juice i threw up on the airplane
38. beets
39. hot anger
40. curry ketchup!
41. hearts
42. my allergy-eyes
43. happy
44. milk crates
45. peppers
46. cranberries
47. wagon
48. the binding of the book jacket of marley and me
49. other people’s lipsticks
50. the only color of wine
51. squirrels
52. my cousin’s nickname
53. stop signs
54. strawberries
55. favorite snowball flavors [that’s sno-cone or shave ice for y’all up north]
56. garbage can
57. october
58. coca cola
59. fall leaves
60. a ceramic strawberry
61. stop lights
62. herring
63. that stuff that drips out of me every time i injure myself
64. fire hydrants
65. construction paper (the red kind)
66. my face
67. my winter coat
68. foxes
69. campfires
70. the ‘tent’
71. morgan freeman’s character in the shawshank redemption
72. my cheeks, very often
73. my face when secret crush comes around
74. raspberries
75. my hair
76. walls at the downtown lounge
77. phonebooths in london
78. tomatoes
79. a worn victorian chair sitting in mom’s garage
80. apples
81. this nice fleece blanket my sister made my mom
82. the dresses at the phoenix award show
83. a sweet heart
84. those teeny tiny little bugs that you find outside sometimes. they’re bright red and almost invisible. they don’t scare me one bit.
85. favorite new coat, made by lou freitzel of milwaukee
86. very few things that i own
87. the blush on a ripe bosc pear
88. playground balls
89. firemen’s hats
90. cherries
91. my bank balance
92. lobsters
93. my fingernails last week
94. blazing sunset
95. conference room chairs
96. freckles
97. red wine (gives me headaches, but i drink it anyway)
98. aunt flo
99. curry
100. the back of my business cards (emily’s too)
101. licorice
102. tomato sauce
103. wine
104. brake lights
105. marinara
106. red velvet cake
107. is my favorite color
108. strawberry picking
109. commies
110. cinnamon hearts
111. my favorite cereal bowl
112. put on your red dress
113. that okkervil river song
114. letter days
115. i picked red as my favorite color when i was six because i liked how the red crayon (moreso than any other color) felt against the paper when i was drawing balloons
116. twizzlers
117. lobster and crab

list by: allie, amanda, ashley, becky, ben, deirdre, emily, jan, jennie, jess, katie, leah, maggie, megan, other megan, mom, sara
photo by maggie