Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15 minute assignments

1. send maggie a list
2. exquisite corpse drawing
3. design the ultimate chair.
4. watch someone try to count to 1,000
5. give yourself cornrows
6. write a love letter
7. paint your toenails
8. pick flowers and make a flower arrangement
9. make a to do list
10. make fresh juice
11. wash all of the dishes
12. write a song
13. watch a feature movie in fast-forward
14. run a mile
15. contribute to this list
16. trim your bangs
17. get ben on the phone and order a portrait
18. read tongue-twisters aloud (source text available upon request)
19. wrap dates in bacon and throw in 450 degree oven for 10 minutes
20. make your lunch for tomorrow
21. embroider initials or a cluster of flowers on a hanky, napkin, pillowcase, etc
22. do most of a crossword puzzle
23. take out everything in the refrigerator, wipe it down, and put everything back in
24. buy something you don’t need online
25. watch 1/10 of a harry potter movie
26. reorganize your entire living room
27. organize stereo or computer cables with zip ties
28. start reading a new book
29. talk on the phone with someone far away
30. read the lovely love notes at write your own and send them to everyone you love
31. run a couple miles (haha)
32. create a set of color coded labels in your gmail settings and start using them!
33. dig out and turn over my compost (volunteers very welcome!)
34. draw portrait of everyone in your immediate family
35. pay your bills
36. re-order your closet by color
37. eat a hamburger
38. meditate
39. decide if you like somebody
40. make a postcard
41. make cookie ice cream sandwiches and eat them all by yourself
42. pimp your internet browser with add-ons and user scripts (e.g. helvetireader, or icon-only permatabs)
43. make a stovetop dinner
44. fold that clean laundry
45. make your own peanut butter: process 1 cup peanuts (salted or unsalted, or even honey roasted!) with a little bit of vegetable oil and some honey. whiz it in the processor and eat on a ripe banana. or stir chocolate chips into it and eat with a spoon.
46. listen to the bizarre message a crazy woman left on my voicemail
47. run as far as you can from your front door in 7.5 minutes, turn around and go back
48. stitch a handmade book
49. cook a lobster
50. eat a pint of ice cream
51. make a cute pillowcase for your travel pillow
52. tie dye everything
53. make and drink a cup of tea.
54. walk downtown
55. clean out your car
56. walk a mile
57. draw a bird; on a tree; dwarfed by a dinosaur...
58. call your best friend
59. clean the outside of your counter top appliances, or trash can
60. enjoy successful sex
61. make a super-short film
62. do as many handstands as your body will allow
63. clean the studio before someone stops in
64. brush everyone’s hair - the cats, the dogs, your own
65. take a short walk to enjoy the sun
66. spray paint something gold (preferably a kitschy item from the thrift store)
67. write a letter to your grandparents
68. watch so many previews in the theater that you forget what movie you are waiting to see
69. re-pot your plants
70. walk a labyrinth
71. make a 15 minute portrait
72. take a bath
73. make some dessert

list by: ben, david, emily, jeff, jennie, jess, maggie, michela, mom and sara
photo by maggie