Monday, January 28, 2008

great winter activities

1. drink beers while shoveling out your car
2. clomp your feet to get the snow off before you go inside
3. wear scarves, multiple ones, layered and twisted around your neck
4. construct fleets of snowmen or snow penguins
5. think about buying snowshoes
6. make and drink hot toddies
7. wear wool socks, wool slippers, wool sweaters
8. watch football (and puppy bowl!)
9. make snow forts outdoors and blanket forts indoors
10. bake vegan delights (sneak chocolate chips in everything)
11. enjoy hot chocolating (which i just made into a verb)
12. shop for cute sweaters, gloves, scarves, and other fun winter garb
13. transform winter clothing into new spring outfits
14. bake bake bake
15. ice skate
16. wear long underwear under everything
17. snuggle to stay warm
18. hibernate
19. put a coat on your dog
20. pack on the pounds for warmth
21. stomp in puddles (frozen and otherwise)
22. make paper snowflakes
23. read, read, read
24. (learn to) snowboard (if you need to learn, have your very cute boyfriend/neighbor/friend teach you)
25. have potluck sundays
26. listen to the fire in the fireplace crackle
27. watch tv for entire weekend days because "it's too cold to go outside"
28. take pictures of icicles hanging like teeth from gutters
29. drink apple cider and whiskey
30. make pies while wearing mittens
31. have many, many movie nights
32. sit in front of the window with the sun pouring in and imagine hawaii
33. take photos of the beauty
34. hate your cold feet because you like wearing rainboots even though they're uninsulated
35. go to bed early
36. build fires
37. have rosy cold-kissed cheeks
38. curse the weather and wish it was summer and that you were tan
39. wear sweaters and boots
40. spend a somewhat mild day with one other person at popham beach
41. go hot tubbing (as long as there is many a towel nearby for when you have to, terrifyingly, JUMP out)
42. clean out old memorie
43. enjoy scarf-wrapping and jacket-wearing
44. weat puffy coats full of down... as if you've never left my bed
45. order matzoh ball soup from jerry's deli
46. slide around outside when it's icy
47. listen to music in a car by the shore
48. pay high heating bills
49. make art
50. write about your family
51. get used to rainy days (because this is southern california)
52. attend a knitting group with friends (stitch and bitch)
53. watch movies
54. throw snowballs at strangers (GENTLY)
55. walk through snow in the woods
56. take long winter naps
57. sled with friends, and get all chilly and rosy-cheeked and so your jeans are stiff with frozen snow and then come inside, put on really warm, dry, cozy clothes, and have hot chocolate by the fire and laugh
58. enjoy mid-afternoon beer and frites at an empty bar in montreal
59. shovel and shovel and shovel and SHOVEL
60. have dinner parties
61. make fires in the fireplace and then gazing into the flames, lost in thought
62. plan a wedding
63. enjoy spiced cider, blanket, and a book while it's storming outside
64. blow bubbles that freeze when they land
65. wear pajamas inside out in the hope for a snow-day from school (even though I work in a school!)
66. organize... "spring cleaning"? who wants to clean in spring when it's finally nice outside
67. make stews and soups and meatballs
68. knit until the skein is gone, then bind off and stuff whatever i've knit onto my head. it could be a scarf, it could be a mitten, it could be an ipod cozy. doesn't matter. in winter it's going on my head.
69. write letters curled up in bed
70. do hot yoga
71. pretend that the snow is mashed potatoes. especially driving in it when it's all sloppy and splashy
72. join a polar bear club
73. make snow angels
74. snowshoe

list by: alyson, ashley, becky, deirdre, gillian, hannah, jamie, jan, kathy (mom), katie, maggie, maura stef, and susan
photo by maggie

Monday, January 14, 2008

new years resolutions

1. let it go
2. make more things with my hands
3. read at least one book a month
4. chill OUT
5. drink less coffee
6. eat healthier (iron, protein, vegetables)
7. save money
8. clean up my dad's old darkroom and learn to use it
9. participate in some sort of extra-curricular activity, i.e. find a hobby!
10. take initiative instead of waiting for things to happen on their own
11. exercise 3-4 times a week and to make that a priority
12. be more ambitious in the kitchen
13. not be shy about experimenting with taking pictures of people
14. spend more time with cute nephews
15. be outgoing about asking coworkers to lunch and coffee
16. lose weight!!!
17. not be so jealous of friends
18. keep my apartment clean because it looks so nice and it makes me feel good!
19. try all the foods I had previously decided I didn't like for some reason with the mindset that I'll most likely love them
20. take deep breaths
21. read war and peace
22. find new ways to tell my family about itself
23. enjoy life more
24. really clean and organize my apartment throughout the year- one room a month and keep cycling them so that everything gets this "deep clean" every 3 months
25. stop drinking soda
26. swim more
27. start drinking lots of water
28. lessen my carbon footprint
29. take better care of my body - drink more water and watch how much junk I eat
30. make sure my relationship doesn't implode
31. set a weight that I feel comfortable with and to not pass it (add gym days and dieting if I get close, but just enjoy my weight the rest of the time).
32. watch more movies
33. floss daily
34. spend more time with friends, and less time on couch watching shit television
35. live within my means
36. buy nicer clothes for myself
37. drink less (except for water)
38. quit smoking
39. not get so annoyed so easily
40. put a little more time into my appearance this year. Put on a bit of make up in the morning or style my hair... just take the extra 5 minutes to make myself feel better all day.
41. get a haircut
42. laugh more
43. draw regularly
44. get fat ass to gym
45. eat less meat
46. make more of the right kind of friends and pull away from the harder friends
47. get new job
48. try all new foods available to me, and to try new food with the mindset that I'll most likely love it
49. look into grad schools
50. no more fried foods

list by: allie, ashley, becky, darcy, deirdre, emily, maggie and susan
photo by miss bliss