Monday, October 27, 2008

dream jobs

1. explorer
2. party planner
3. professional project participant
4. college placement professional
5. essayist
6. couch potato
7. framer
8. english teacher
9. second-hand store owner
10. professional movie-watcher
11. blogger for pay
12. stay-at-home mom
13. travel photographer
14. designer of cd coverart
15. bakery owner
16. eat, read, sleep
17. job placement professional
18. cartographer of border regions
19. trophy wife
20. worker at the appalshop in whitesburg, ky.
21. avocado rancher
22. sea world animal handler
23. book collector
24. naturalist
25. graphic designer
26. independent freelance contractor
27. interior designer
28. independent scholar
29. woodsman
30. philanthropist
31. actress (stage)
32. working for google – in maine!
33. art/rare book buyer for a museum/library with an unlimited budget
34. kitten rescuer/caretaker
35. working for the aclu
36. artist with rich patron
37. product tester
38. someone who gets paid to read design and food blogs all day
39. color collector
40. family photograph detective
41. fiction writer
42. social worker
43. my job- because i’ve dreamt about it
44. bassist to all grrl punk band
45. food critic
46. bowdoin english professor with the office in mass hall with the dutch door
47. assignment photographer
48. cupcake maker
49. rare book conservator
50. professor
51. veronica mars
52. train traveler
53. café / bookstore owner
54. farmer
55. video game tester
56. personal shopper for someone who i respect- like zooey deshanel
57. artist mentor at spindleworks
58. art collector
59. baker
60.product tester for g3 skis
61. librarian
62. professional donator for a philanthropic endowment with unlimited funds
63. sailor
64. independently wealthy person
65. working for the coalition for woman
66. rock singer (successful)
67. private detective
68. resident babe
69. cartographer of border regions
70. kindergarten teacher
71. student activities advisor (at a college)
72. gallery owner
73. elementary school librarian at a school for smart kids
74. outdoor instructor of some kind
75. ski bunny
76. a television detective or fbi agent (real life ones would be too scary)

list by: alyce, amanda, becky, ben, deirdre, emily, karrie, katherine, maggie, megan, and mom

photo by becky


kentucky said...

Oh, I so forgot this one! And it was my idea! So, since these are not already on the list

-umpire for the Major League
-Star in broadway musicals
-teacher at the Friends School of Portland
-environmental educator with a salary that would pay off my M.S.
-a Female Bill Nye the Science Guy
-fashion police

When I was a kid I wanted so bad to be a garbage collector because they got to ride standing on the back of the truck!!!

megan said...
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