Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1. sweat
2. sweet tarts
3. green converse all-stars
4. the roast beef sandwich and goldfish snack pack bram made me today
5. everything in the garden, especially snap peas on the vine
6. opening the door for a women
7. curls
8. cheeks
9. candy candy candy
10. fritter’s fur
11. my studio
12. seeing your baby in a 4d ultrasound sucking it’s thumb
13. baby teeth
14. sweet dreams!
15. awww... aren’t you sweet
16. the jingle of change in a pocket
17. father helping child scan items on the grocery self-checkout with no one in line behind them
18. sweet peas
19. muffin tops (the edible kind)
20. handfuls of cottony sheets
21. babies
22. summer breezes
23. flowers on your birthday
24. milkshakes
25. watermelon
26. parker jo
27. chewing on clover
28. rum and coke
29. frosting
30. watching people hug hello
31. my man
32. baby toes
33. sour patch kids
34. falling asleep with a breeze
35. my dog’s cuddles
36. ice cream
37. watching your 2 year old sleep soundly
38. maple syrup lemonade
40. feijoas (try them!)
41. puppies
42. how sweet it is to be loved by you!
43. sunsets and windy hair
44. soft kisses
45. vodka tonic
46. sweet caroline
47. leaving notes behind
48. dean’s chocolates
49. freckles
50. ice cream
51. little girl hugging me in the subway for no reason
52. maple syrup on ice cream
53. summer watermelon
54. tying a bow
55. kisses in the sun
56. strawberries that are just a day away from going by
57. vegan cupcakes take over the world by isa chandra moskowitz
58. nostalgia
59. chocolate
60. my nephews’ hugs
61. home
63. delicious wheat beer with oranges!
64. getting the list topic from maggie
65. flowers for no reason
66. gifts from friends
67. mudslides (the drink - the natural disaster is not sweet at all)
68. new boyfriend letting me read his entire journal
69. braiding hair
70. taking a couple minutes out of my day to clear my head and free-associate
71. sugar sugar!
72. when people call you sugar pie
73. walking and talking
74. maraschino cherries
75. things that are awesome
76. there’s always chocolate
77. i like you by sandol stoddard warburg
78. holga cameras

list by: ashley, becky, ben, emily, jan, jeff, jennie, karrie, maggie, megan, mom and sara

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