Tuesday, September 18, 2007

amazing things to do in autumn

1. go apple picking: climb trees, run around, stretch to reach the
highest apple you can pick
2. take lots of photos of you and your friends with apples
3. make a leaf pile and jump into that mofo when the sun is just right
4. rake a huge pile of leaves and jump off a swing into them
5. buy or knit new sweaters and wear them
6. wear the sweaters that have been put away all summer
7. do absolutely anything with apples [sublist: applesauce, apple cider, apple juice, apple jack (whoa), apple cake, apple jam, apple pie (please melt some cheddar on it in autumn), apple chutney, roasted apples and sweet potatoes and oh, there’s more… ]
8. fall in love
9. start school or at least plan to teach yourself something
10. make/eat thanksgiving dinner sandwiches
11. eat scuppernongs and muscadines
12. mail a box of leaves to a friend who lives in the south
13. make wreaths out of dry bittersweet
14. start rum and coke game nights (apples to apples!)
15. drink pumpkinhead (or other pumpkin flavored beers, I guess...)
16. eat pumpkin pie
17. use cinnamon in your cooking
18. go to north carolina
19. get some new pencils or sharpies
20. collect every color of leaf in your neighborhood and tape them in your journal
21. go out in the woods for a walk, observe the changes in nature that happen as we transition from summer to fall
22. fall off something (get it??? fall???? har har)
23. climb trees
24. wear socks again
25. celebrate halloween! and all that goes with it
26. start carrying tissues
27. go to lisa korf’s annual fall day
28. go on late night walks and try to take a mental picture of what the ground looks like before it gets blanketed in snow
29. re-imagine your life, accounting for the change in temperature
30. take rainy days off to drink hot chocolate and play cards
31. wear a hoodie and take a picture of your rosy cheeks
32. get a pumpkin and invite people over to help you carve it
33. watch a leaf drop from high above and try to run and catch it
34. stay home for sunday baking
35. host/attend potlucks
36. fly kites and wear scarves so you look like twins
37. go on haunted hayrides
38. wear thick, brightly colored and textured tights
39. drive on the kangamangus highway
40. swing on the swingset at school until your chest hurts from cold air
41. climb a mountain and appreciate the changing leaves from the top of the world
42. harvest vegetables and make them into yummy pickles
43. go to the cumberland fair (“it’s always in september”)
44. finally make that epic halloween costume that you’ve always wanted to make but in the past you put off until it was too late and the night before you decide to be the croc hunter or will ferrell or a barbie
45. make art
46. get obsessed with a TV show on DVD to get some down time, finally
47. wear your mike lowell jersey and get into sports
48. go on a wagon ride and swing your legs off the end
49. go school shopping even if you’re not in school
50. stand on the deck of your favorite bar, because it’s going to get a helluva lot worse really soon
51. find a great set of mittens, hat and scarf that you love so you won’t be
52. searching all winter thinking, why didn’t i get this sooner?
53. same goes for jackets, longjohns and woolen socks
54. drink hot toddies
55. celebrate day of the dead
56. visit a graveyard and try to scare your friends
57. learn to like football
58. make hot cocoa (with peppermint schnapps)
59. carve an obscene pumpkin and put it on your doorstep
60. start drinking tea all the time! stay warm!
61. wear mittens while you make pecan pie
62. eat homemade soup for supper every night
63. make hot mulled cider (with rum and cinnamon sticks)
64. open up the windows at night so you can bundle up under the covers and curl up to your honey
65. go to the boston open studios or portland’s first friday
66. stay home on halloween and watch scary movies while you wait for trick or treaters
67. visit haunted houses
68. eat homemade donuts
69. roast pumpkin seeds
70. put candy corn on your canine teeth like a vampire

list by:
amanda (who was very proud that so few things had to do with drinking), ashley, darcy, emily, hannah, jamie, jess, maggie, michela and nicole


.ashley.bliss. said...

i'm so pumped to be a listmaker. hallelujah for lists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this amazing list and putting tons of smiles on my face. I was starting to feel the blues thinking it was getting cold again after a bad summer. This made my day, and I'll be sure to do a few things in this list! :)


Mountain Goat said...

this makes me happy and helped me with my dam annoying homeowrk