Thursday, September 27, 2007

favorite things to feel (texture wise)

1. bare feet in mud
2. vibrating the sacrospinalis
3. soft weathered wood
4. squelching play-doh between your fingers
5. breaking up cold butter into scone batter
6. cashmere. plain and simple
7. memory foam
8. smooth wood
9. newly-hatched chicks or ducklings
10. beach glass
11. Will's stubble
12. a box of buttons – the buttons, not the box
13. warm towels
14. crisp money
15. wrinkled, heavily handled papers
16. marshmallows and fluff
17. sinking your fingers into a container full of m&ms or beans or lentils
18. the plump pad on the bottom of cats' feet, fur on cat chins, cats' tongues and cats in general
19. horse noses
20. broccolli
21. flour: a big bowl of it that you can stick your hands into or drive match box cars through
22. moths' wings
23. freshly painted nail polish
24. kite string
25. piano keys
26. the sun on your back when you are a little bit chilly
27. holding a tiny hand to cross the street
28. felt
29. anything fresh from the dryer
30. hot bathwater (with oils in it)
31. corn starch and water or cornstarch in a plastic baggie
32. standing at the shoreline while the tide pulls the sand out from under your feet
33. jumping into a pile of fresh powder snow
34. rabbit fur
35. down-filled slippers
36. hay
37. an envigorating cool breeze blowing on your face, preferably from the top of a hill or mountain, or by the ocean
38. the underside of a sea star
39. boyfriend sweater
40. the silky edge to some winter blankets
41. the cactus with the tiny pearls
42. hotter than hot water on a chilly winter day
43. pavement on bare feet
44. grass on bare feet
45. bread dough
46. hands
47. the skin on my stomach
48. those ridges you get on the top of your fingernails sometimes
49. soft, cottony pages in old books or the crisp pages of a new book
50. cookie dough (in or out of cookie dough ice cream)
51. Curious Touch™ Soft paper
52. warm sand
53. vintage feedsack fabric
54. corduroy (but really only narrow-waled; wide-wale is not as exciting)
55. freshly cut short hair on the backs of boys' necks or a freshly shaven head
56. clean sheets or very old 100% cotton high thread-count pillowcases
57. earlobes, which are very succulent
58. kitchen floor with bare feet in summer
59. reptile skin
60. white down comforter love
61. soft furry dogs, especially their ears
62. mousse (texture in mouth, not in hand)
63. hair while you're rinsing out the conditioner and it feels like a mermaid's hair would
64. mud, moss, or a carpet of pine needles beneath your feet
65. crème brûlée
66. wet leaves and crunchy leaves
67. curly hair
68. flower petals
69. caterpillars
70. sandstone
71. soft skin, especially after you have been at the beach
72. the right ballpoint pen on the right paper
73. old printing press blocks
74. velvet
75. silky hair in ponytails
76. birch bark
77. the way freshly-shaven legs feel
78. freshly sheared wool
79. the tile floor in keith's old bathroom
80. fingrepainting
81. wet clay on the potters' wheel
82. flannel (old flannel and flannel sheets)
83. the fuzzy side of sycamore leaves
84. pumpkin innards
85. ultrasuede
86. lambs ears (animal and plant)
87. glue on fingertips
88. creamy peanut butter (texture in mouth, not in hand)
89. car upholstery
90. the soap at el camino in brunswick
91. brand new baby beech leaves with fuzz
92. staghorn sumac twigs
93. turtle shells
94. my mom's elbows, when un-folded (she always hated when i was a kid and i would rub them)
95. puppy bellies
96. old t-shirts
97. glue on fingertips
98. the right person's lips
99. the inside of a brand-new sweatshirt
100. nectarines and peaches and kiwi
101. a bucket full of wet grapes

list by: alyson, amy, ashley (photo by ashley!), becky, darcy, dierdre, hannah, jan marie, lauren, maggie, michela, rebecca


Darcy said...

I want to buy curious touch paper... I'm dying to feel it. I'm also having a major craving to crack a creme brulee crust right now.

.ashley.bliss. said...

amen to the old book pages. that's a great touch sensation.

margaret elizabeth said...

I know! lest start feeling more paper!