Thursday, November 15, 2007

places you'd like to go (and why)

1. tonga (because we learned about it in 6th grade social studies)
2. cuba (for more coffee)
3. savannah, GA (midnight in the garden of good and evil, mansions)
4. taj mahal (because that place is big. seriously big)
5. atlanta (because I want to go to the aquarium and see the world's largest oil painting)
6. wales (because i read too many king arthur books)
7. the moon (because it's made of cheese)
8. india (because of the smell of spices; fabrics; temples; food; COLOR)
9. timbuktu (because it would be fun to say you’ve been there)
10. christ the redeemer statue, brazil (because jesus! that thing is big!)
11. the burgess shale fossil beds
12. china (great wall; food/spices; Buddhist temples; red/gold/communism; maybe I’ll see a phoenix)
13. all the u.s. national parks (because i love national parks)
14. petra, jordan (just google it. you’ll see.)
15. hawaii (to see volcanoes)
16. poland (because they're my people and i want to learn polish)
17. greece (because maybe I’ll develop a golden tan and a love for olives?)
18. colorado (colo-fucking-rado)
19. mont saint-michel (because i’ve spent a bunch of time in france but never made it to mont saint-michel)
20. russian (because it is the birthplace of my love)
21. victoria falls (waterfalls are awesome)
22. death valley (because it is an extreme)
23. the amazon rainforest (i went near here - the headwaters of the amazon - and already it was awesome. swimming with piranhas, making yucca bread, and avoiding the sink because a scorpion seems to have set up home there - what could be better?)
24. denali (because i was supposed to go there once but i got the flu really bad and had to stay in bed)
25. alberta and saskatchewan (because of the prairies)
26. a giant dance club (to dance)
27. prince edward island (because i didn't take enough pictures the one time i went there)
28. the north & south poles (again with the silly photo shoots, i’ve seen a photo of my friend’s grandfather standing on his head at the south pole (like he was holding up the world). if it can make an old man stand on his head, i need to go. plus - penguins and polar bears, oh my!)
29. new zealand (because it looks so beautiful)
30. fore street (because it is supposed to be the best)
31. cairo to see the pyramids (because it's the only wonder of the ancient world you can still see!)
32. soda springs, idaho (because of the oregon trail)
33. the great wall of china (it didn’t make the original 7 wonders, but i hear it is still pretty awesome)
34. vienna, austria (because that is where my family is from)spain (eating dinner at 11, siestas, paella, wine/sangria…)
35. prince edward island (because that's where anne of green gables lived)
36. bisbee, arizona (because even though i was just there, i didn't see it during the day)
37. fridgehednge (because thats amazing)
38. south of france (lavender, herbs de province)
39. alaska (because its wildness)
40. a haunted castle in ireland (ideally with central heating)
41. cuba (castro and organic farming)
42. the grand canyon (because it’s lame not to go to an amazing place in your own country)
43. nyc (because i have only been there twice and there is so much more to do)
44. scotland (for my family history and haggis)
45. redding, ca (to see the sundial bridge)
46. antartica (it is very far and very cold)
47. la (to visit jana once she is settled, because i have never been there either and it's la!)
48. anywhere i haven't been (because exploring sets my blood on fire)
49. drive cross country (because i’m amazed at how many born again christians there are in the rest of the us)
50. paris, especially with a love (because i love paris, and to be in love in paris must be amazing)
51. the prime meridian & the equator or both at once in a boat! (i spent 45 minutes trying to find a toilet on the equator, only to find out that it still spins. standing on geographical landmarks always leads to silly photo shoots)
52. monument valley, utah & arizona (because of john wayne)
53. ocean pizza in saco (because it's extremely good pizza, but who ever goes to saco?)
54. sweden (because kirsten was my favorite american girl)
55. stonehenge (the touristy part of this is supposed to be pretty lame, but still - how the hell did they build it? )
56. the science museum at harvard (to see the glass flowers exhibit)
57. uruguay (because of its amazing architecture)
58. the leaning tower of piza (because i want to take a photo from a distance looking like i’m holding it up)
59. san francisco (to visit anne and because the first time i went i didn't like it that much, and i want to give it another try)
60. the galapagos islands (i got to spend a week here in college, and i could spend another year there if i had the chance. every moment you see something amazing. swimming with penguins and sea lions, watching albatross take off, and laughing at the word boobie no matter how many times you hear it)
61. the whitney (to see the permanent calder exhibit)
62. austin, texas (because of south by southwest)
63. newfoundland (puffins!)
64. mt everest (let’s face it, i’m never really going to hike it, but still...)
65. new zealand (because i have heard from everyone i know that has been there that they never wanted to leave. and that it is the most beautiful place ever. i must go and see for myself. yes.)
66. greensboro, nc (to go to jan's diner)
67. the great barrier reef (because it's a snorkeler’s dream)
68. iceland (because of otherworldly landscapes)
69. louisville (to see my family and show jon around and go to my favorite restaurant)
70. mount fuji (are there really vending machines on top?)
71. switzerland (because it's nuetral, has lots of chocolate and reminds me of maria vontrapp)
72. italy, especially tuscany (because i need to experience food in the way that elizabeth gilbert did in eat, pray, love. also, i would really love to see olive and grape harvest, and see how
73. pompeii (as a roman history dork i feel like i’ve seen the place in so many text books, and in an awesome exhibit at the field museum in chicago that i’ve got to go to the real place)
74. south dakota (because of the badlands and laura ingalls wilder)
75. olive oil and wine are made. i hope that means i get to stomy grapes in bare feet - which has always been a romantic notion of mine ever since i saw that i love lucy episode!)
76. st. john, in february (to visit daisy and swim in the ocean and get a tan)
77. the cenote at xpu-ha, mexico (because it was my very favorite snorkeling experience even and i have always wanted to go back)
78. boston (to go shopping at h&m)
79. all of the natural wonders of the world (because they must all be amazing)
80. arabica (to get a latte with a heart)

list by: becky, darcy, hannah, kentucky, leah, lauren and maggie
photo by becky


rebecca ann said...

yay! this list is so inspiring. i want to go everywhere on it, even the pizza place in saco.

margaret elizabeth said...

saco road trip!
I know... I feel so inspired!

kentucky said...

Let's do it.

Katie said...

I absolutely love that Anne of Green Gables showed up TWICE on this list.

margaret elizabeth said...

sadly, that was a mistake. I started to merge reasons for duplicate places before realizing it was way better to have the duplicates show. i fixed it now.

katie said...

Do not worry. I am sure that, deep down, every single one of the listmakers aspires to visit the homeland of AoGG...even if they do not yet know it.

allie said...


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