Monday, November 26, 2007

things to be thankful for

1. cookbooks
2. hot baths when i feel sick or run down
3. my unwavering sense of self, even if the world sometimes acts like it wants me to forget it
4. eclairs
5. being in america
6. newly shaved legs (they just feel nice)
7. the first snow
8. creamy coffee
9. the time i had to spend with my dad
10. cuddles
11. spring
12. nonfat frozen yogurt (this is a big one)
13. my senses
14. my health and your health too
15. the right to vote
16. being able to travel
17. my vocal training and ability
18. the u.s. postal service
19. family
20. running water
21. the fireplace on a cold night
22. not having to worry about getting blown up when i walk out the door
23. dark chocolate!
24. postcards
25. maple syrup... thank you sweet trees!
26. the east coast in the fall- the bright colors of the leaves
27. musicmusicmusic
28. my pets- they keep me happy and sane and make me laugh
29. love
30. being born in a first world country... it ain’t always perfect, but we’ve got a 31. lot to be thankful for
32. the ocean
33. ice cream
34. opportunity
35. you
36. books - its the only way i can fall asleep at night
37. my strong legs...they take me from point a to point b, allow me to run like the wind, spin like i invented the damn class, jump rope without tripping, dance the best i can...among other things that are probably not appropriate for a public forum such as this
38. growing up in the mountains
39. not having to have back surgery
40. feeling the sand between my toes
41. my doggies, and the fact my mother did not give the younger of the two back after a week, like she threatened to do (bella was a bit of a difficult pup).
42. post-its
43. clean water, green trees
44. my cousin becky
45. clean air and water
46. buttonwood syrah rose
47. only non-crippling allergies
48. learning
49. my brand-new apartment room and apartment-mates; i could not be happier
50. personal growth
51. the ability to let go of things that are no longer serving me
52. being indecisive because there are too many things to love
53. delicious food made by hand
54. one word: sofia
55. cuddles with pets
56. flip flops- the really worn in kind
57. top chef
58. friends who are awesome
59. TV on DVD
60. generosity
61. trees!!! how else would we breath?
62. the people at mac tech support who give you two free calls. i just used one.
63. loved ones
64. that feeling when the sun warms you
65. my ability to do anything i set out to do
66. the polaroid camera
67. self magazine. hell, magazines in general
68. a warm bed and a nice place to live
69. my voice teacher
70. chamomile
71. e-projects
72. excedrin
73. sutton
74. my best friends, emily and pat
75. a job, even though i don’t like it
76. him
77. honesty
78. the fact that there are no longer no-smoking sections in most resturants, since smoking is banned there to begin with
79. fuzzy slippers for when i get home from a day of wearing heels
80. alisal ranch
81. never having to be hungry
82. my new york city
83. mittens
84. my career and where it is going
85. a body that allows me freedom of movement
86. the gloaming
87. good fortune
88. lists
89. twilight- when the sun is pink and orange
90. every single day

list by: ashley, other ashley, becky, hannah, katie, maura and pete
photo by ashley


kentucky said...

Oh, loves! After a pretty downer of a day, I now feel somewhat warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks!

Katie said...

I am in LOVE with this edition.