Saturday, December 29, 2007

what you want for christmas

1. a bucket of diamonds
2. warm socks
3. electric guitar
tickets to see “stars on ice”
4. chandelier
5. great quality olive oil
6. this summer house
7. the peace of mind to know that although none of these things will be under the tree for me, i will be happy for the time, thought and effort that was put into the gifts i actually received
8. perfume
9. pajamas
10. new windows
11. a jade plant in a pot
12. a high quality underwater camera
13. a transmission for my car.
14. “what i learned from television” this american life commerative screenprint poster
15. tickets to somewhere warm
16. a ring
17. books
18. gift certificate to borders
19. movies
20. snowshoes
21. park planter (omg!)
22. someone to pay my student loans off (or just down)
23. ipod touch
24. interchangable work table
25. tj maxx gift card so that i can feel less guilty about shopping this year
26. typography doormat
27. the ability to sleep
28. aveda products
29. bocce set
30. lipstick
31. a trip to india for six weeks
32. a new baby in my life (but not my belly)
33. amazon gift cards
34. aretha franklin boxed set
35. nickelodeon gift certificates
36. frank gehry for tiffany’s torque bangle
37. a trip across all non-english speaking countries
38. converse high-tops
39. tiddly winks
40. the coat of my dreams: brown wool with a hood and beautiful collar
41. car repair and an oil change
42. a journal
43. turtleneck sweaters
44. the new american girl doll, although i doubt this will happen, considering i am 21 years of age.
45. massages
46. a baggage-free new year
47. everything on my LLBean wishlist
48. mixed salted nuts
49. headbands
50. manicures and pedicures
51. warm socks
52. my mom not to stress out
53. books
54. plasma tv
55. winter boots
56. cross country skis
57. new running shoes
58. a house on the cape for two weeks in the summer, and private jet to pick up all my friends and have them come hang out
59. free people cozy slim wrap (available at
60. long underwear
61. red sox season tickets
62. really nice, soft, cozy, warm bedding
63. an alarm clock
64. gift certificates to whole foods and trader joe’s
65. gift certificate to target
66. amelie on dvd
67. anything that comes in a little blue box
68. a hug... or a few hugs
69. plane tickets to travel to far away places
70. the devil wears prada on dvd
71. to feel fabulous about myself
72. a twelve layer cake
73. starbucks coffee
74. a new acting gig
75. pots & pans
76. a west coast vacation seeing llama and billy, and then down to valley village to visit becky
77. ribbon candy
78. someone to vacuum my carpet for me!
79. digicam
80. an old flame to reappear in my life (a metaphorical old flame, not a literal one. this ain’t passover)
81. movie theater passes

list by: allie, amanda, darcy, gillian, katie, maggie, maura, rebecca, and susan
photo by maggie


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