Thursday, December 6, 2007

favorite foods

1. denny's french toast slam
2. lobster
3. applesauce
4. kashi go lean crunch
5. chocolate all by itself
6. pad thai
7. squash
8. thanksgiving dinner all smashed up together
9. sweet potatoes
10. saffron panna cotta
11. tomato, basil and mozzarella salad (aka caprese)
12. plantains
13. walnuts
14. scrambled eggs and cheese
15. pizza from flatbread
16. black and white cookies
17. cheese
18. really good chocolate (like the kind stephen buys for merry)
19. lactaid cottage cheese
20. tiramisu
21. creme brulee
22. canoli
23. navel oranges
24. nachos
25. raspberries
26. sandwiches generally
27. scallops wrapped in bacon
28. carrots
29. saag (any and all)
30. cheese enchiladas with mole sauce
31. pomegranates
32. pizza
33. capers
34. cereal
35. beans and rice
36. bbq bacon cheeseburgers
37. spinach
38. chocolate mixed with nearly anything
39. palak paneer
40. chocolate chip cookies
41. fruit: cherimoya, lychee, mango, papaya, clementines, all berries, watermelon... everything!
42. vegetarian burritos
43. carraway seeds
44. uni
45. almost every sandwich from artemisia
46. croissants
47. escargot
48. warm cornbread slathered with lots of melty butter and honey
49. pumpkin pie
50. mangoes
51. twizzlers
52. black beans
53. french fries with mayonnaise!
54. baked brie in a puff pastry crust
55. baked manicotti/ziti
56. chocolate cake
57. raisins
58. marzipan
59. veggie bacon
60. montreal bagels
61. toasted bread and butter
62. sliced tomatoes and mozzarella and basil and olive oil
63. lasagna
64. atomic fireballs
65. tortilla chips
66. carrot cake with orange-cream cheese frosting... the really good homemade kind
67. jello
68. grapes (literally i just tacked that on to feel healthier)
69. macaroni and cheese with garlic salt and peas
70. lobster roll, grilled cheese, onion rings and a mocha frappe (ideal fat boy's meal)
71. un-chicken/turkey salad sandwiches (premade)
72. hot dogs
73. avocados
74. peanut butter
75. anything with hot pepper
76. quiche (of all kinds, most especially when my roommate makes it with a nice buttery crust)
77. gnocchi
78. coconut curries
79. sour cream
80. flatbread's sweet potato pizza
81. strawberry-rhubarb jam
82. summer/spring rolls
83. rhubarb crisp with vanilla sauce
84. broccoli with garlic sauce
85. guacamole
86. grilled cheese w/tomato slices and tomato soup (mmmmm good!)
87. bread and olive oil
88. eclairs (and basically anything cream-filled)
89. pasta of any sort
90. apple pie
91. spicy red curry with seafood
92. honey crisp apples
93. water chesnuts
94. beef gravy
95. coleslaw
96. malai kofta
97. wheat thins
98. tomatoes
99. marshmallows (if you think this is a waste of a favorite food, you should try them really isn't.)
100. dim sum
101. bread. any kind.
102. kielbasa
103. butternut squash soup
104. olives
105. roasted red peppers
106. holy heck. definitely braised short ribs with that parsley-lemon zest-horseradish remolata.
107. fried calamari
108. chex mix
109. pumpkin ravioli with butter-sage sauce
110. 158 bagels (salt with herbalizer)
111. rebecca's derby pie
112. egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin
113. eggplant
114. chickpeas
115. un-turkey club sandwiches
116. these plum dumplings that my grandma makes, they're called grechiknedles or something
117. eggs
118. vegetarian sushi (especially the eggplant or sweet potato roll from Sakura in Providence)
119. fried (pork) dumplings from seng thai
120. tofu

list by: allie, alyson, amanda, ashley, darcy, deirdre, hannah, jess, lauren, leah, maggie and susan
photo by maggie


kentucky said...

omg!!! my pie made it to the list!!! That is like winning an award, isn't it?

Katie said...

I am so disappointed in myself for making the theme suggestion, and not even sending in a submission.

May I add "Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with cinnamon"?
And "sashimi/sushi, particularly the Paul Roll at Brother Sushi in the valley"?
And "parchment wrapped sea bass"?
And "Reddi Whip straight from the can"?

try the fage, it's pretty yummy.