Monday, February 18, 2008

things to love about valentine's day

1. hallmark love slogans
2. girly glitter on everything
3. smiling the entire day just because your facial muscles will not do anything else.
4. the anonymous portland hearts
5. thinking of fun things to make my husband from my daughter
6. “will you be my valentine?”
7. my dad always sends me flowers
8. an excuse to go out to dinner on a week night
9. heart shaped cookies with frosting and sprinkles
10. turning it into valentine’s week
11. love is in the air!
12. leaving secret chocolates for your fellow cube farmers
13. if you’re single you get to bitch about how stupid the holiday is and if you’re with someone (finally) you get to realize how stupid the holiday is in relation to the rest of the time you spend with your love
14. goosebumps
15. people dressed in black (hysterical)
16. candy, especially those cinnamon hearts
17. unexpected, really, really generous gifts from family members
18. being in love
19. champagne/wine with cheese/chocolate decadence
20. blankets
21. not wearing red on the day just to be ornery
22. that there’s a day devoted to love, even if it’s commercialized
23. handmade valentines especially when they’re from little kids
24. sugar sugar sugar
25. all the chocolate you can stand
26. the beauty in simplicity and lack of grandeuor... good earth restaurant, froyo, and funny face
27. ribbons
28. (i’m not a bitter person at all, but) it’s kind of fun to be bitter about valentine’s day
29. surprises and thoughtfulness
30. gettin’ some carnal knowledge later that night
31. giving chocolates to waitresses, checkout clerks, etc...the people who least expect it
32. constant spooning
33. presents!
34. the hope that maybe, just once, this year jon will do something romantic. that hope doesn’t usually last long
35. the carnations we used to buy each other in high school
36. hugs and kisses
37. the rush i would get from writing “love becky” instead of “from becky” on the cards that i put into jason and kirk’s box in grade school
38. nougat
39. kids exchanging valentines (i hope they still do… please don’t ever tell me they don’t)
40. unconventional gifts
41. candy and flowers
42. love, love, love
43. pink! purple! red!
44. planning what to wear out on a v-day date
45. being totally sappy about how much you love them to your friends who really hate valentine’s day
46. making delicious heart-shaped chocolatey things
47. you have an excuse to get really dolled up and girly and pink, even when you’re just making a trip to whole foods and not going out until way later...and you’re not even going anywhere fancy
48. handmade cards from my niece and nephew
49. the 20 or so dollars my grandmother sticks in with our cards
50. cupid’s butt
51. slave labor diamond trades
52. it only comes once a year
53. the bamboo plant my husband gave me, when he was my boyfriend, for the our 1st valentine’s day
54. being excited about love when it hasn’t been this exciting in years
55. the fact that it’s not just about romantic love, but ALL the love in your life
56. permission to draw hearts on everything
57. half price chocolate the next day
58. red tulips
59. it’s a day that involves chocolate and cupcakes and sweet things in the middle of february... the dreariest month ever
60. blushing smiles
61. having a sweet, romantic, homemade meal with your main squeeze including candles and brunello and some freaking amazing dessert that you share
62. thinking back on dating people who "didn't believe in valentine's day" and realizing what jerks they were
63. cookie decorating (food coloring, cookie cutters, sprinkles why oh why is my icing always too runny?)
64. dropping off a card at a favorite aunt’s house whose daughter is away at college and cannot be with her on v-day, and getting a great reaction
65. that 73% of men buy flowers
66. sweet tart brand candy hearts
67. telling people i love them and why
68. those little valentine’s you used to get in 3rd grade
69. being “those people” that can’t stop kissing and hugging in the middle of a major street
70. making fun valentines cards for people you love and sending them without a note so they’re not quite sure it was you
71. heart shaped boxes wrapped in cellophane filled with chocolate

list by: ashley, becky, cranky librarian, hannah, joe, jon, karrie, katie, lauren, maggie, marcia and rebecca
photo by miss bliss

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