Wednesday, May 21, 2008

things I'd like to see in the world

1. the dead sea
2. peace amongst nations
3. the scottish highlands
4. taking trains around mali, africa
5. graceland
6. women receiving equal pay as men
7. the northern lights
8. the pyramids (egypt and mexico)
9. the amalfi coast
10. all of my clients being successful in life
11. middle america via cross country bike trip
12. iceland
13. greater tolerance
14. twin peaks
15. one of the remaining 500 snow leopards in nepal
16. wooden toymakers of seiffen, germany
17. penguins in antarctica
18. france (for the bread and the countryside)
19. dominican rebublic
20. the huge heads on easter island
21. polar bears in the arctic
22. greece
23. all of the national parks in america
24. spain
25. the south pole
26. atlantis
27. milan, italy
28. taj mahal
29. alaska
30. all of the landmarks featured in the oregon trail computer game
31. puerto rico (the caves)
32. the chilean coast and the home of pablo neruda
33. selling everything & travelling nowhere particular
34. an excellent education system, affordable (or free!) college for all!
35. mount fuji
36. the creation of time machines
37. the forest bridge of the americas
38. all the parts of new zealand that are in the lord of the rings movies
39. france
40. russia (trans-siberian railroad)
41. the great wall of china
42. victoria falls
43. tibet
44. the mother river in china
45. mongolia
46. middle america via cross country bike trip
47. the north pole
48. cuba
49. stevie wonder's living room
50. slovenia
51. bollywood
52. tahiti
53. that wax museum in london
54. abandoned farms in north dakota
55. the great white spirit bear
56. brazil
57. happiness and a good life for the future generations
58. north wales
59. a cheetah
60. cape town
61. brazil
62. the amausement park on top of the mountain outside barcelona
63. architecture in uruguay
64. whales in the wild
65. himalayas
66. thailand
67. new england
68. my great grandchildren
69. anti hangover medicine
70. mt shasta from closer
71. a turquoise wall in india
72. a reform of the us school system
73. china (hong kong, temples, great wall)
74. the south pole
75. bill murray at a barbeque in new jersey
76. japan
77. a stone circle in a forest somewhere
78. elimination of the death penalty
79. excellent healthcare for everyone. access to medicine and treatments, no matter your salary, race, ethnicity
80. istanbul
81. a female president of the united states
82. the north pole
83. a reform of the catholic church
84. gaudi's architecture
85. morocco
86. prague
87. whales in the wild
88. germany
89. norway
90. austin, tx
91. tokyo
92. all of the national parks in canada
93. the toilets in australia... to see if they really flush backwards
94. the yukon
95. the sundial bridge in california
96. hybrids becoming cooler than hummers
97. a redwood tree
98. peru
99. a love of reading
100. people marrying the people they love, no matter their sexuality, race, gender, religion
101. india
102. the underground rivers of the yukatan
103. rome (pope mobile!)
104. an actual island where you can deport your ex-boyfriends
105. helsinki in the summertime
106. the grand canyon
107. petra, jordan
108. crete
109. israel
110. pizza machines
111. a shift towards renewable energies
112. the amazon
113. good education for all
114. the modern wonders
115. a jaguar from less than 3 feet
116. the ancient egyptian ruins/artifacts
117. maccu picchu
118. wrigley field
119. turkey
120. the south pacific
121. hovercraft
122. red flowers on fiji
123. the grand canyon
124. rural alaska in mid-winter
125. where my grandparents grew up in russia and poland
126. the spice road
127. africa

list by: alyson, amanda, ashley, becky, darcy, deirdre, jamie, other jamie, jan marie, katie, lauren, maggie, maura, and mom
photo by maggie


amanda jennifer said...

what the heck is this?

37. the forest bridge of the americas

margaret elizabeth said...

This green veil of forests blankets 259 million acres across eight countries,
from the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico through Central America’s vast forestlands to the wilds of Panama’s Darien Gap. The Forest Bridge connects two great continents renowned for their cultural and archaeological treasures as well as their spectacular natural wealth.

.ashley.bliss. said...

this might be my favorite list yet, listmakers.

wanderlust. wanderlust.

Vadim said...

maybe you'd like to combine two of those things? like a good education system IN mongolia?

I'm trying to raise money for a GPS system in rural Mongolia. It'll help teachers move to small villages and stay connected.

If you're interested. And tell anyone else if this seems like their kind of thing