Friday, July 18, 2008

best things about summer

sorry about the delay.
we were on vacation.

1. the beach
2. lilacs + fresh cut grass
3. weekends in san francisco
4. jumping in the waves
5. the smell of tanned skin
6. mirages
7. music… summer songs
8. fans
9. tomatoes
10. s'mores
11. hot dogs and hamburgers
12. how everything seems a bit slower
13. making out with cute boys
14. eating food from roadside stands
15. the smell the ocean
16. open windows
17. my flowers and my garden
18. being tan
19. iron and wine and joanna newsom
20. dandelions
21. birthdays of the family
22. yard sales
23. walking walking walking
24. fireflies
25. grilled dinners on the patio
26. sunsets
27. truck shows
28. watermelon with salt
29. astro-pops
30. flip flops
31. my first pair of prescription sunglasses
32. not having to wear socks to bed
33. smell of suntan lotion
34. peaches and nectarines
35. campfire songs
36. sweat
37. lobsters
38. wildflowers
39. fields of green and blue skies
40. sundresses
41. gardening (when I actually have one)
42. keithman’s boat
43. summer reading lists
44. vacations
45. mango in a cup with lime juice, salt and hot pepper
46. shorts and tanks
47. coming home and taking off your shirt immediately because it’s so damn hot
48. portland's decks
49. going to coronado
50. frisbee
51. tanned feet in the sand
52. dresses and skirts, only!
53. how the heat makes me move slower
54. leaving the siding door and windows open through dinner
55. frog ponds and dragonflies
56. sidewalk chalk
57. roadside attractions such as giant dinosaurs
58. baseball
59. the y
60. bbq’s
61. bon fires
62. the sound of crickets in the night
63. long nights with cool breezes
64. collecting shells
65. hot hot weather
66. golf
67. picnics
68. camping
69. everyone wearing just a little less clothing
70. diving boards
71. orchata or cantaloupe juice on chicago and wolcott
72. anything at the beach really
73. long days
74. skinny dipping
75. fried clams
76. avocados all the time
77. tanquery and tonics
78. sweaty sex
79. drinking sweet tea on the porch
80. watermelon
81. corn on the cob
82. going to the movies because it’s too hot outside
83. junebugs
84. iced cold beer straight from a cooler
85. summer camp
86. tasti d-lite (applies to new york only)
87. my hair and its amazing highlights
88. looking at the stars from the driveway i grew up in and seeing orion very bright
89. my birthday!
90. long walks on the beach
91. berries
92. dogs and cats in windows sniffing at the street
93. the 4th of july
94. homemade lemonade from the tree in my backyard
95. outdoor concerts
96. not being cold when you get out of the shower
97. store bought ice cream
98. waves
99. camping
100. bare legs
101. saratoga springs
102. eating ice cream from places i’ve never been
103. driving the coast
104. sleeping naked
105. summer nights
106. fishing
107. sleeping outside
108. daylight until 9pm
109. the smell
110. school’s out!
111. cookouts
112. short skirts
113. warm breezes
114. body surfing
115. bike rides
116. beach reading (fun books)
117. painted toenails and sandals
118. fireworks
119. sand castles
120. vitamin d
121. muumuus
122. sunglasses
123. eating outside
124. riding my bike while eating gelato on a cone
125. gazpacho
126. boogie boards
127. swimming in lakes, rivers, and oceans
128. homemade ice cream
129. late, light nights

list by: ashley, becky, gillian, jennie, karrie, maggie, marcia, maura, michela, rebecca
photo by maggie


rebecca ann said...

this list is so great because i can't even really remember which are mine...

maura said...

i can't recall either!
would like to add some more:
the summer songs (or anything by justin timberlake)
taking 3 to 4 showers a day
free music in the city

allie said...

i really like the well thought out placement of astro-pops and flipflops. also- 45. mango in a cup with lime juice, salt and hot pepper ...i am intrigued!