Wednesday, October 3, 2007

guilty pleasures

1. a cappella music
2. talking about people behind their backs
3. sharp cheddar cheese ON TOP OF dark chocolate
4. eating chocolates out of the children's candy jars
5. loving baseball
6. grape soda
7. buying new (and rather expensive) clothes or shoes more often than I need them
8. piles of fried chinese takeout three nights in a row
9. myspace, facebook etc.
10. newsies (the movie, not the actual people)
11. online shopping at work
12. georgia nicholson books
13. spraypainting indoors
14. rock of love with bret michaels
15. gossip blogs
16. hanson
17. TV on DVD obsessions
18. matchbox twenty
19. america's next top model and project runway
20. eating at applebee's instead of supporting small local restaurants
21. romance novels
22. popcorn with lots of real butter
23. eating ice cream for dinner
24. obviously, a lot of bad TV shows, specifically: ANTM, the Real World, almost all of the celeb/pseudo-celeb shows on VH1, old episodes of 90210 – even in the post-college years, and OMG The Swan when it was on
25. manicures and pedicures
26. smoking cigarettes
27. cheap orange mac n cheese
28. fast forwarding CDs to the end of the song before the cool song so when people get in my car they think that song is just coming on because I've been listeing to the whole CD, not just that song over and over
29. barry manilow
30. kelly clarkson
31. movies that I watch over and over that aren't really that good: The Commitments, Good Will Hunting (yes, really), and Some Kind of Wonderful
32. eating sandwiches (when I am allergic to wheat)
33. writing somewhat crazy fan mail to actors and musicians
34. popping zits
35. kenny rogers
36. staying in the shower for 30 minutes or more
37. 2 lb bags of M&Ms
38. jennifer weiner books
39. eating huge quantities of food when I'm home alone
40. spending an entire day off lazing about while doing things that I love, which most often involves doing three or four different projects at once, and not picking up after myself the whole day
41. when a friend leaves an article of clothing at my house and I wear it happily until I'm directly asked about it
42. air supply and george michael
43. not brusing my teeth after cotton candy
44. eating the great food of the parents when I'm babysitting
46. excited email exchanges with ex-boyfriends
47. biore pore strips
48. eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's at once, so that I am forced to go out and buy a second pint, and eat only a bit out of it so that to others that frequent my freezer it looks like I have been moderate when actually I have been a complete glutton
49. not knowing how to type the proper way but faking it
50. naps on beautiful sunny days

list by: ashley, becky, deirdre, hannah, maggie, michela, rebecca, susan


deirdre said...

I truly love #48.

margaret elizabeth said...

I couldnt do it.

allie said...

who thinks everything is betta with chedda?

.ashley.bliss. said...

+ i think everything is betta with chedda!

+ also, how hilarious is it that most of this list is composed of guilty food pleasures?!

margaret elizabeth said...

we are girls after all.

kentucky said...

Oh, and I forgot to add that I really love the Backstreet Boys song "I Want it That Way" and I love that it comes on in Hannaford and sometimes I'll even linger over the tuna cans a little longer than necessary in order to hear it.

maura the librarian said...

who took that photo???

margaret elizabeth said...

maura!! I thought I had a credit for you in there....???

miss maura said...

ha! no big deal! i am thrilled you are using it though!