Wednesday, October 24, 2007

potential theme parties

1. moon landing cheese night
2. indoor picnic
3. one pieces (unitards, jumpsuits, etc.)
4. dead politicians, actresses, and revolutionaries
5. 40s in the 40s (dress from the 1940s and drink 40s)
6. dysfunctional family reunion
7. wedding reception (similar to the dysfunctional family party - but in formal wear!)
8. around the world
9. spy party (complete with missions and undercover operations)
10. colors party or, specifically, color dinner party
11. casino night
12. mai thai's for kai
13. national stereotypes party (ie. french beret striped shirt and baguette, dutch braids and clogs, american fat suit and hot dog)
14. literary characters
15. look like you got the shit kicked out of you on the way to the party party
16. safari theme
17. office christmas party (not at the office)
18. "the night hell froze over" (when groups with completely different interests party together)
19. michael jackson, through the years
20. art supply, music or clothing trade
21. a fancy english tea party
22. mod night
23. favorite director movie marathon with correlating snacks
24. olympic athletes (choose your sport)
25. party like its 1999
26. snowpants or no pants
27. tacky party
28. murder mystery dinners
29. gerontology party
30. redneck night (girls dress up as barefoot and pregnant etc.)
31. blockbuster hits of the 1980s theme (come as a character from an 80s movie)
32. pizza party (everyone bring a topping)
33. superhero costume party
34. trailer trash party
35. frat party
36. black and white party
37. christmas in july
38. frat party themed (baseball hats and beirut)
39. come as you wish you were party
40. progressive party (travel to different places for each course of a long meal)
41. who i might be in a parallel universe party
42. dessert potluck
43. hunting party - dress in camo and eat lots of meat
44. scavenger hunt
45. affairs to remember
46. solstice party (everything is white)
47. toga party
48. chocolate party
49. the board game party (where there is, obviously, a lot of board games to play)
50. fruit and clown party (come as your favorite fruit or a clown. anyone who didn't wear a costume had to go through an "emergency graping station")
51. dance party for any particular decade or era (less recent is better)
52. beard and/or mustache party
53. cinco de mayo
54. in-costume karaoke
55. great gatsby party
56. first thanksgiving reenactment
57. masquerade ball
58. derby party
59. people you'd meet in heaven and hell
60. video or board game tournament
61. fancy dress tea party
62. scavenger hunt
63. garden party
64. bring-your-own-art-supplies collaboration piece
65. camp party (ala wet hot american summer)
66. tacky party
67. masquerade
68. nerd night
69. pirate party
70. back in time night (pterodactyl!!)
71. bris/sausage party
72. religious iconography party (choose your religion)
73. characters from wes anderson movies
74. parisian party (french costumes, food & tons of wine)
75. cowboys and indians
76. second chance prom (or 80s prom)
77. dress like your crush (allie is going to be rob thomas)

list by: allie, amanda, darcy, hannah, jan marie, maggie, maura, rebecca


allie said...

crap! i forgot the "dress like your crush" party!

margaret elizabeth said...

done! I'd just wear a mike lowell jersey...

rebecca ann said...

holy COW. this list is so great. i feel so lame for being too stressed out to make a list this week. :(

Katie said...

Ditto. I now want to throw/attend a party...specifically, a Dysfunctional Family Reunion party.

ashley said...
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ashley said...
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