Wednesday, October 17, 2007

things to make by hand

1. a body cast
2. a collage
3. anonymous presents
4. felted bowls
5. a personal dictionary
6. all of my dishes
7. pastries
8. pickled peaches
9. a fisherman's sweater to give to a fisherman
10. ice cream
11. wool scarves and hats
12. every meal
13. bread
14. music
15. straight lines without (or even with!) a ruler
16. embroidered underwear
17. valentines
18. gorgonzola stuffed ravioli
19. tofu
20. memento shadowboxes
21. a tiny cottage in the middle of the woods where it was always fall.
22. pies and macaroons that actually *look* yummy
23. a sewing repair
24. my own rootbeer
25. caramel
26. jewelry
27. a little cabin by the ocean
28. a quilt out of all of my dead favorite clothes
29. candies: jelly candies, marshmallows, amazing truffles, great gumdrops, licorice, turkish delight, etc.
30. long hanging lamps made out old maps
31. miniature dioramas
32. really tall vases and elaborate bowls on a potters' wheel
33. a hot air balloon
34. silkscreened wrapping paper
35. cases for mixtapes and cds
36. really fantastic dresses
37. furniture
38. a sculture out of umbrellas and fish hooks
39. a labyrinth in the woods, made with stick borders and a pine needle floor and something beautiful and sacred in the center
40. all of my silverware
41. handmade books, without getting paste all over the place (and i mean all over the place)
41. well-made clothes
42. mittens with an attaching string
43. avant-garde quilts
44. knitted gloves, legwarmers & hats
45. art
46. a shed
47. postcards and love letters
48. a jewelry box out of a box
49. a tight french braid on my own hair
50. pie crust & puff pastry
51. felt and felted animals
52. mosaics from broken dishes
53. silkcreeened scarves
54. paper that isn't bumpy and useless, unlike the bumpy, useless paper i've made before
55. moonshine
56. a bouquet of fresh-picked wildflowers
57. fitted tops sewn with interesting fabrics and patterns
58. butter
59. scented candles in vintage teacups
60. the list upon which i list
61. flavored liqueurs
62. anything that would cause delight in others
63. farmer's cheese
64. jam
65. things that keep people warm
66. halloween costumes
67. my hair behave

list by: amanda, becky, hannah, jamie, jan marie, katie, kellen, maggie, maura, michela

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