Thursday, October 11, 2007

things to worry about

1. falling down the stairs
2. the ozone layer
3. sleeping past the alarm and being quite late for something important, especially if it means I have to be the only person walking into the room late and everyone turns to look at me in silence, annoyance, or disgust
4. the reversal of roe vs. wade
5. if people judge me for my messy apartment
6. serial killers
7. that there is a wolf in the basement
8. being mugged
9. is my significant otehr having an affair because I'm not good enough?
10. people not liking me
11. getting a job
12. terrible diseases
13. not having time to make lists and therefore forgetting things
14. embarrassing myself in front of cute boys/cool people/employers
15. going over my minutes on my cell
16. the fact that our president and his comrades are in office and being the huge greedy monopic assholes that they are, they have made us the enemy of much of the rest of the world and now I imagine much of said rest of world would love to see us suffer a seriously painful demise
17. what to wear
18. having my identity stolen
19. if i can really make it to the gas station before i run out of gas
20. global warming
21. do i look fat today?
22. warm winters
23. will anyone ever love me?
24. sharks
25. relationships
26. teenagers who don't know who Martin Luther King was
27. power plants exploding
28. being a loser
29. having a very vocal and coherent sex dream about someone that is not the person next to me
30. being broke
31. losing one of my senses (and not getting to choose which one)
32. getting into school
33. family members who are ill
34. the dishwasher breaking
35. children who don't have positive role models
36. people who text while driving, and the people on the road with them
37. cancer
38. punching someone when engulfed in fury and all of the resulting consequences
39. harm coming to someone I love
40. credit card payments
41. scurvy
42. becoming an old maid cat-lady
43. figuring out what to do with my life
44. being late for things
45. failing
46. that the mice that invade my apt. in the winter will nibble at my feet while i sleep
47. the treatment of animals
48. homeless people (especially in the winter)
49. that a sea turtle will knock over the boat and eat me
50. getting fired for doing this at work

list by: becky, chris, hannah, jamie, maggie, michela


Anonymous said...

Reading this made me want to throw up from nervousness.

kentucky said...

Honestly I have too many worries in life right now, so I could not contribute to this list. I thought I would have a nervous breakdown once i compared them all. But I love #1, it makes me laugh, as i used to live in a cabin by myself in the middle of nowhere, and i had these really slippery slippers, and i was really worried that i would fall down the stairs and die and no one would find me until rent was late.

margaret elizabeth said...

yeah, we are never doing one this negative again. It was horrible.

.ashley.bliss. said...

i have to TOTALLY agree with everyone. when i saw this was the subject for the list, i got totally stressed out, so i had to skip this one. i'm so down for the next list though, mags. you know how much i like to make things.